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About us

We’re excited to collaborate with you.

That’s right — collaborate. We’re not the Brand Police, and we won’t be administering any exams on the contents of the brand guidelines. We’re here for you.

We’re here to provide design tools, copywriting tips and strategies for reaching your audience. To help you get the biggest bang for your buck with media buys. To share, interpret and leverage market research. If you want to bounce ideas off someone, learn a new technique, ask for feedback or celebrate a big marketing win, we’re here.

In other words, we’re here to make your job easier, and to make all of our work more effective.

Together we exist to:

  • Create an overall brand for our university, with flexibility for individual units
  • Create clear visual identity and messaging guidelines that lead to greater consistency and brand recognition
  • Offer campus-wide training in marketing communications
  • Conduct market research to provide greater understanding and insights of target audiences
  • Guide campus units in developing marketing strategies focused on their target audience and on what the unit offers that audience (ie: programs, services, opportunities)
  • Encourage collaboration and partnerships across campus to increase awareness, exposure and strength of everyone’s marketing initiatives

Our Team

As far as we’re concerned, our team includes you, and all U of I marketing communications professionals. But for the purposes of this website, this is our team:

  • Eric Minor

    Chief Marketing Officer

    I’m here to… lead campus-wide efforts to tell the great stories of the U of I in a strategic, engaging way.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… envisioning, planning, executing and delivering marketing campaigns and approaches that translate into recognizable, respected and resilient brands.

    Outside of work I love… spending time with my family, listening to live jazz, and enjoying a good meal at a restaurant that pays attention to details.

  • Scott Anderson

    Brand Marketing Director

    I’m here to… ensure that our brand strategy is executed effectively and supports the university's strategic plan.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… developing integrated marketing campaigns; seizing upon creative and digital opportunities to connect with key audiences; and thinking holistically about the brand experience.

    Outside of work I love… going for long runs, working in the yard, and having movie nights with my family (milkshakes are a must – chocolate-peanut butter-banana is a family favorite).

  • Husni Ashiku


    I’m here to… express the U of I brand through impactful, image-based storytelling.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… generating fresh video concepts; making projects that compliment great stories and brands; and using lighting in striking ways.

    Outside of work I love… beating my 10 nieces and nephews at chess, practicing yoga outside, and building big bonfires.

  • Michelle Frazier

    Strategic Design Specialist

    I’m here to… help illustrate and amplify the U of I brand through engaging and impactful design.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… brand development and execution; focusing our efforts to ensure our overall look is on-brand; and tying together all of the details of a project.

    Outside of work I love… getting outdoors and exploring the world with my family, cooking healthy meals (and tricking my son into eating them), playing and watching sports, and repurposing old furniture to give in a new life.

  • Lisa Keating

    Assistant to CMO and Office Administrator

    I’m here to… keep things running smoothly and support our team in any way I can as we help the campus build a strong brand.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… project management and organizing work flow; customer service; and scheduling “meetings of the minds” on Outlook.

    Outside of work I love… making scrapbooks to document the lives of my three kids (who are now adults), traveling to warm places with beaches, and classic hair-band concerts.

  • Grace O'Malley Lamb

    Digital Marketing and Media Manager

    I'm here to... develop, execute and optimize digital marketing campaigns and strategies that are consistent and aligned with the broad communication, reputational objectives, and operational strategies of the platforms and university brand standards.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include... digital marketing, organic and paid social media optimization, planning and overseeing digital campaigns, search engine optimization, strategic planning and copywriting.

    Outside of work I love... spending time with family and my two dogs, discovering new music, catching up on Bravo TV and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

  • Bryan Lin

    Strategic Design Specialist

    I’m here to… collaborate with the team in strategizing and creating visuals that are aesthetically pleasing and capture the attention of our audiences.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… creating aesthetic and engaging graphics, producing motion graphics that tell a story, and developing and upgrading brand standards.

    Outside of work I love… playing video games (mostly VALORANT), watching competitive esports, and traveling to different continents and photographing my experience (Sydney, Australia is next on my list).

  • Matt Sharkey

    Front End Developer

    I’m here to… share knowledge and resources that campus web developers want and need to do their jobs better.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include…web accessibility; creating reusable software that’s elegant and useful; and making decisions based on the experience of website visitors.

    Outside of work I love… reading, watching movies, making pizza from scratch, and taking long neighborhood walks.

  • Jeff Sylvester

    Market Research Director

    I’m here to… create a unified market research program that will fuel data-driven decisions at UIUC.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… qualitative and quantitative research; visitor journey mapping; creating reports that provide strategic recommendations; and getting data deeper and wider across organizations.

    Outside of work I love… cooking, off-road mountain bike riding, playing card games, and collecting fresh bruises on the roller derby track.

  • Lisa Watkins

    Project Manager

    I’m here to… organize and streamline our team's projects and processes so we can create excellent deliverables for our internal and external audiences.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… developing creative solutions to unique problems, motivating team members, client relations, and knowledge management.

    Outside of work I love… going to concerts (with a growing collection of concert tees to prove it), satisfying my sweet tooth, watching Parks and Rec on repeat, and shouting at the TV during tennis matches and hockey games.

  • Matt Wszolek

    Senior Executive of Marketing & Media

    I’m here to… help campus communications leaders make strategic advertising decisions that produce the most cost-effective, impactful media buys.

    A few things I have lots of experience in include… strategic planning; media placement; budgeting; and building value-added long-term relationships.

    Outside of work I love… my family, enjoying a great cup of coffee on the deck, playing anything with a ball or puck, and having jack-ten suited in late position.


Contact the marketing and brand team at with questions you may have or visit the Brand FAQ Blog, for the most up-to-date answers to your questions about implementing the Illinois brand.