Office of Strategic Marketing and Branding

About Us

We market the U of I.

The Office of Strategic Marketing and Branding at the University of Illinois is led by our Chief Marketing Officer. Together we exist to:

  • Create an overall brand for the campus with freedom for individual units
  • Review and approve all strategy and collateral to ensure focus and consistency in our products and services
  • Employ and direct market research to provide greater understanding and insights of the target audience
  • Expect a focus from each campus unit on their target audience in developing communication and programs
  • Encourage each campus unit to seek and partner with other campus units to increase awareness, exposure and strength of their marketing initiatives
  • Offer training in marketing and communications campus-wide

Our new University of Illinois marketing culture will transform the work we do together. It’s a culture that:

  • Is not afraid to be bold. Compete externally with creative, quality, intentional and salient stories, experiences, & events. They will see and hear us.
  • Is data-driven. Decisions based on metrics and facts; not moved solely by opinion.
  • Is customer-obsessed. Consider target 1st in every interaction and communication. Research them. Connect with them—thus create ambassadors.
  • Is coordinated. Work together to make initiatives bigger and more impactful.
  • Celebrates often. Actively celebrate our fellow Illini. As one shines, all shine.

Our recommendations emphasize shared planning and metrics, high expectations and accountability among the marketing and communications functions. While we will leverage existing strengths in institutional communications, we plan to bring an integrated marketing focus to the U of I campus. We will ensure that strategic priorities built upon research and analysis will drive the marketing goals.

Our Team.

Our team leads strategic branding and marketing for the University of Illinois. Together, we are building the U of I brand and marketing our programs, products and services to people around the world.


Contact the marketing and brand team at with questions you may have or visit the Brand FAQ Blog, for the most up-to-date answers to your questions about implementing the Illinois brand.