• How one unit is using brand powers to tell their story

    Several campus communicators have recently asked for guidance on how to share their unit’s unique messages and stories while still plugging into the university-wide brand. It’s a great question (one that resonates far beyond the realm of branding): How do I celebrate the qualities that make me unique while also embracing my identity as part […]
  • Look beyond the target

    Sometimes to hit the target, you need to look beyond it. It’s a counter-intuitive concept that can have important implications for marketers and communicators. Let me share a personal example to illustrate this idea. About a year ago, my son was in the process of deciding where to attend college. For months during his senior […]
  • Making the most of the flexibility in the brand

    Two important goals we needed to accomplish while creating the U of I brand was for it to be unified, yet flexible. It’s important that we’re unified when we need to be – that’s the whole point of establishing a university-wide brand – but we also understand that we need to allow for design flexibility for […]
  • A free, on-brand WordPress theme makes it easier to share your content

    You’ve probably heard the saying that the journey is more important than the destination. In the case of the on-brand WordPress theme that was recently created, I would say that the journey has been at least as important as the destination, because they’re both pretty exciting. I’ll start by defining the destination: Creating on-brand, easy-to-use […]