A branded house, not a house of brands

Like thousands of people this spring who were staying home and staying safe, I watched all 10 episodes of the Michael Jordan documentary “Last Dance.” One of the things that stood out to me was how Jordan’s team often lost when he was playing like an independent star. It didn’t matter how great he was. He couldn’t pull off a win all on his own. It was only when Jordan changed his mindset and started sharing the ball, playing like an integral part of a greater whole, that his teams became unstoppable.

That story could be a metaphor for many things, but I’m thinking about it here as an illustration of the power that can be realized when everyone works together for the greater good – when we’re in sync and can do our individual best work within the framework of a team that shares an overarching goal.

In our day-to-day work here at the university, it’s natural to be focused on the college, institute or unit we work for. That responsibility is embedded into most of our job descriptions. But when we build our focused, individual work on a common, strategic foundation, our individual work becomes stronger – along with the entire university.

While a “house of brands” might make each part of our whole feel more visible here on campus, a “branded house”, like the one we are all building together, has the collective power to reach more people across the state, country and world. That’s why our office is excited to partner with all of you – to help you reach your goals and to build a strong, branded house together.