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  • Our top 4 goals for the design brand standards

    In every waking moment, each of us is taking in what we see around us, absorbing incoming data and giving it context, emotion and meaning. When you consider how powerful visual design is, it’s no surprise that it plays a critical role in brand identity and development. As we created the new U of I […]
  • Designing with color accessibility in mind (part 2)

    If you’ve ever been outside on an extremely sunny day and tried to read something off the screen of a phone or tablet, you may have noticed it’s really difficult to make out what’s on the screen. While color contrast is always important for users with visual impairments, it can also make your content way […]
  • Designing with color accessibility in mind (part 1)

    Careers in visual communication tend to attract people with high or perfect vision and it’s easy for us to forget that not everyone sees our design the same way we do. In fact, around 5% of people viewing our websites, brochures, and banners see them very differently.  According to the World Health Organization, over 2.2 […]
  • The Illini fingerprint

    As a designer, patterns that are unique and add visual interest naturally catch my eye. But the best elements of a visual identity are rooted in the brand in a meaningful way. That’s true about the “Illini fingerprint” – one of my favorite elements of our new brand. The fingerprint represents the power that’s inherent […]