• The Rule of Thirds

    The rule of thirds is a well-known guideline for capturing great photos. To use it, visualize a three-by-three grid overlaying your image frame or camera‚Äôs viewfinder. The evenly-spaced horizontal and vertical lines create four intersections that are ideal spots to place the focal point of your shot. In doing so, you will balance the subject […]
  • Add power with new animated logos

    The U of I’s block-I logo is the cornerstone of our brand – it represents the spirit of our university and rallies together the Illini community. Using an animated version of the logo at the right moments can really bring that design element to life. The best animated logos do more than add motion. They […]
  • Using testimonials to create compelling videos

    When it comes to social media marketing, video is king. Most of us are visual learners (around 65% of the population, according to Social Science Research Network), so videos are a great way to get your messages across. One trap I see many brands fall into is creating videos that feel scripted or inauthentic. At […]
  • Q & A with Fred Zwicky: Telling stories with photography

    As part of a new blog post series we’re starting, where members of the Strategic Marketing and Branding team ask experts across campus to share their insights, I asked Senior Photographer Fred Zwicky some questions about his impressive skills in capturing stories with still photography. He’s packed lots of practical tips into his answers, so […]
  • The low-down on low-angle hero shots

    The “hero shot” is an important element of our visual identity, in part because it makes for emotionally powerful photography. The photo style also illustrates a core element of the new U of I brand: seeing the students as the heroes of their stories and the university as their guide. In this post I’ll explain […]