How one unit is using brand powers to tell their story

Several campus communicators have recently asked for guidance on how to share their unit’s unique messages and stories while still plugging into the university-wide brand. It’s a great question (one that resonates far beyond the realm of branding): How do I celebrate the qualities that make me unique while also embracing my identity as part of a larger whole? 

Our brand standards were created to help you do both – to be yourself within the context of a larger whole. Earlier this month, Jamie wrote a blog post highlighting some of the ways to accomplish this balance with design. From a messaging standpoint, our brand powers are a great tool to leverage.

Brand powers are the seven I-words that shape and drive the stories we tell – they help us consistently define what “power” means at the U of I. When units create messaging around brand powers, it allows them to share their unique offerings while pointing to the single brand that connects us all. 

ACES is in the process of creating a series of student recruitment pieces that highlight each of the brand powers. I like how they used the words as springboards to ACES-specific messaging. If you were to create a series of social media posts or ads based on a similar format, what “reasons to believe” would your unit point to for each of the brand powers? It’s a great exercise that could lead to great content.  

P.S. I'm always interested in seeing what your unit is working on. Please email me if you have something to share or would like a brainstorming partner!