Office of Strategic Marketing & Branding

Consistent typography adds visual strength and integrity to a brand.

The visual strength stems from using a limited family of fonts consistently across the brand, making the brand more recognizable.

Visual integrity is rooted in legibility – choosing typefaces that are easy for a range of audiences to read, in a variety of formats.

The fonts chosen for the U of I brand have an updated, clean look; they work well together; they translate well to bold type for big headlines; and they offer designers flexibility. They are also all open source (free), with the exception of SuperFly, which is just $16 for a desktop license.

  • Fjalla One should be used only to typeset headlines.
  • Superfly should primarily be used to emphasize the brand power I-words.
  • When typesetting “The Power of I” for any marketing use (other than body copy), the “I” must have a serif, to visually reference the block I logo.
Brand fonts that include: Montserrat, Source Sans Pro, Source Serif Pro, Fjalla One and SuperFly