Office of Strategic Marketing & Branding



The Brand Strategy section will help everyone who cares about marketing the university to understand the foundational thinking behind every other section of the brand guide.

The strategy, which will continue to develop as we all work together across campus, provides a foundation for the external expressions of our brand identity: messaging, design, web, photography and videography.

It’s helpful to think of brand strategy as an internal process that involves uncovering our shared identity as a university. In order for our brand to be supported by our actions as well as our words, the strategy should guide everyone across campus in embodying these core values.


  1. Brand foundation

    These are the ideas the brand was built on, and how those ideas fit together.

    • Brand architecture
    • Brand position
    • Brand pillars
    • Brand beliefs
    • Brand essence wheel
  2. Our audiences

    Understanding our audiences – who they are, what they’re looking for, and what their relationship is to us – and always keeping them in the forefront of our minds is critical to building a strong, successful brand.

    • Primary and secondary audiences
    • Audience journey
    • Marketing funnel
  3. Brand expression

    These are the fundamental ideas that help bring the brand to life through messaging, design, social media, etc.

    • The Power of I (the big idea)
    • Brand personality
    • Benefits and reasons to believe