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Brand message: The Power of I

The Power of I is the North Star for our brand.


It serves to orient every college and unit at the university, keeping us in lock-step and moving in the right direction as we journey toward our goal of a stronger, unified university.


It’s also a rallying cry for the entire University of Illinois community and all of our audiences. It represents what we’re selling: the power of individuals to achieve their goals, follow their dreams and impact the world, with the U of I as the catalyst and guide.


Think of the brand message as the overarching idea that all of our messaging supports.

The magic of the Power of I is its dual meaning:

  • The power inherent in our students, who are the heroes in our story
  • The power evident in our university to guide students via life-changing educational experiences

Because of its strength, the Power of I can work as a headline, a tagline, a hashtag and more.

When used on its own, as a header or tagline, always include “The” with a capital “T” and do not use a period.

When used within a sentence, capitalize only the P for Power and the I.

As a hashtag on social media, do not include “The” before Power, and capitalize the “P” and the “I” (#PowerofI). Use with posts that illustrate any of the brand powers.

As a headline for a story

As a driving concept for a recruitment or advancement campaign

As marketing copy, or part of a tagline.

Style guidelines for the Power of I:

When used on its own, as a header or tagline: The Power of I

  • Always include “The” with a capital “T”
  • No period

As a hashtag on social media: #PowerofI

  • No “The” before Power
  • Capitalize the “P” and the “I”
  • Use with posts that illustrate any of the brand powers