Vexilla banners

About Vexilla Banner Standards

“Vexilla” is the fancy word for light pole banners. They offer a highly visible platform for sharing our university-wide marketing message while celebrating the various units that make up our whole. When we all use the approved template, we create a consistent, unified identity across our beautiful campus.

Resources and Guidelines

With the July 2020 rollout of these brand guidelines, all new vexilla being created will follow this single design template, which includes the Power of I brand message and the unit name. Units may choose hero images that spotlight their people and focus, but should follow the U of I brand hero shot guidelines when shooting and/or choosing photos to accompany the Power of I brand message.

Download the Vexilla Resources & Guidelines (PDF) for more information about designing and ordering vexilla.


The vexilla template below is the vexilla design standard for the campus. Edit the elements of each template as described below.