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Visual identity


Icon library

To give users a more consistent experience across all U of I websites, we’ve created a custom icon library that covers many of the icons most commonly used across campus.

Our ultimate goal is to increase clarity by standardizing the use of icons that accompany common actions such as “apply now” or “give”.

  • Three different icon styles (solid, outlined, and two-toned) have been created to offer flexibility and suit a wide variety of needs. As more imagery is needed campus-wide, the library will be expanded.
  • If there’s an icon need that’s specific to a single unit, college or program, we encourage you to supplement this set with the icons available through, or to create custom icons that are visually similar in style to the library we have provided.
  • You may change the color of the icons in this library to any of the colors presented in our brand guide that best fit your need.
  • Our icons are available to download as .png, .svg, or .ai and are also included in our Powerpoint templates. We’re also working to integrate the icon library into the web toolkit to make it quick and easy to implement these icons across the web. Stay tuned!